What is ADF?

The Alliance Digital Fund is a company that manages investments of qualified investors, and which commit investments in various areas of business.

Why should I invest in your Fund?

We offer above-standard expected return of 7% per annum and provide investors with access to various investment projects that are not available to them on their own. In addition, the Alliance Digital Fund offers an excellent way of investment diversification. Our company  is opening new projects regularly, and each investor can choose the most suitable project for own investment portfolio.

What are my responsibilities as an ADF investor?

ADF investors must provide the Fund with the relevant and reliable information according to KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and to be able prove the legitimacy of the invested funds origin. ADF investors agree to make investment-related decisions independently and deliberately and to become familiar with contracts before signing them.

What is the difference between ADF and other investment institutions?

  • The essential advantage of the ADF is a wide range of investment areas and much more flexible approach in relations with investors and partners.

Does the Fund provide information about my income to the tax authorities?

  • Only, at the request under court decision.

  • The investor is required to declare income independently in accordance with the requirements of his residence country.

Why do I need to pass verification?

This requirement was drafted within the framework of the law on countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

How is the interest calculated under the early termination of the investment agreement?

Interest accrued and previously paid to the investor is not refundable, at the same time the interest calculated, but not paid to the investor is not payable.

What is the secondary market of the investing in funds?

The secondary market is a platform where an investor has the opportunity to sell or purchase his investment share in the Fund to other investors. The investment share can be acquired both by the existing investors of the Fund in order to increase their investment portfolio, and by new investors.

What is the minimum term for investing in the Fund?

The term of the investment depends on the direction of investment. 

What happens after the expiration of the investment agreement?

You can reinvest your funds or withdraw them to your settlement account.

What happens in case of the ADF activity termination?

In this case, all Fund's assets and funds will be distributed among creditors in proportion to the size of their claims to the Fund.

Can I invest in a currency other than CZK?

The investment agreement can be concluded in Euros, US dollars, Czech korunas.

Who can become an ADF investor and what is the minimum amount of investment in the Fund?

Our fund is a fund of qualified investors in accordance with Article 272/1 / i of the Law on Collective Investments, respectively, the minimum investment amount in the fund is CZK 1,000,000 / € 40,000.

What are the obligations of the ADF to its investors?

The ADF continuously monitors the progress of the invested projects and regularly makes progress reports to the investors about the invested projects.

Is ADF regulated by the Financial Supervision Authority?

The Management Company Alliance Digital Fund a.s. registered with the Czech National Bank (CNB) in accordance with § 15 of Law No. 240/2013  in the Collection of Laws on Investment Companies and Investment Funds (ZISIF in Czech). The activities of the Management Company are not subject to regulation by the CNB, but the Management Company is obliged to comply with reporting obligations.

Is the Fund a tax agent?

No, it is not

Is the investment income taxable?

Since taxation depends on the tax residency of the investor, we recommend that you study local legislation or consult with your tax advisor before declaring (or not declaring) investment income through ADF.

Do I have opportunity of early termination the investment agreement?

The investment agreement can be terminated early by selling own investment share to other investors.

Is it possible to partially sell the investment share?

The partial sale of the investment is possible for an amount of at least 1,000,000 CZK, and the value of the investment portfolio cannot fall below the minimum deposit.

How to choose a suitable investment direction?

The ADF offers its investors the opportunity to invest in funds, which are financing projects with different levels of risk, time horizons and expected returns. And the qualified staff of ADF will help you in choosing the areas of investment that are best for your investment portfolio.

What is the minimum investment amount?

  • Our company manages investments of qualified investors, respectively, the minimum amount of each investment is 1,000,000 CZK (40,000 EUR).

Are there any risks associated with investing in ADF?

The ADF offers its investors only proven investment projects. However, it is well to remember that any investment activity involves various types of risks.

Can money be sent from a third party account?

The legal authority confirmation of this transfer is required.

How are my personal data stored and used?

  • Customer personal data is stored according to the GDPR rules.